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Love Your Tattoos

 See our IG feed to see the latest work done. Paia Tattoo Parlor is one of the most unique tattoo shops in Paia. The comfortable and relaxing atmosphere mixed with the exceptional customer service set it above your average tattoo shop. Our artists design beautiful Custom Tattoo Designs tattoos on demand — we’ll let our imaginations go wild for you!

Dragon Tattoo


Our Next Masterpiece

Want some ink that will set you apart from the crowd? Let our artists design a Color Sleeves tattoo for you and show only who you want to. Our artists have studied art extensively and have a vast array of mastered styles. With Paia Tattoo Parlor, you’re guaranteed an original tattoo that will keep you happy for the rest of your life.



Art on Your Body

After getting tattooed, wash your tattoo lightly with an antibacterial soap. Pat it dry and do not re bandage (if your tattoo had a bandage on prior). You can do this once you get home, or back to where you're staying.

You can expect there to be some blood within the hour after getting tattooed, and some excess ink at the 12-hour mark post tattoo, please wash this off. 

Please continue to wash your tattoo 1-2 times a day with an antibacterial soap.

Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight, it will feel like a sun burn.

After the first few hours remove bandage and wash area thoroughly with a mild antibactial soap (Preferably liquid) and warm water. Pat dry with a clean paper towel. DO NOT REBANDAGE. 

Keep tattoo clean and dry. Apply a small amount of fragrance-free lotion to keep the area comfortably moisturized. (Curel, Lubriderm or Aquaphor) 

Do not scratch or pick!! To do so will invite Infection and scaring. Gently tap to relieve itching. 

No ocean, swimming pools, waterfalls or hot tubs for 7 – 10 days or until your tattoo is completely healed. 

Should any questions arise regarding the healing of your new tattoo please call us at (808) 579-8515.

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